And so it begins: launching feminist data!

Apr 5, 2019 | Project Updates

Welcome to the feminist data project!

Launching feminist data

This is an exploratory research project that asks what it means to engage with data from a feminist perspective.

Lived experience has long been a core concern of feminist theory, research and activism. And lived experience increasingly generates large amounts of data, whether through our own actions or when others create and process data about us. In a world where both, datafication and feminism are here to stay, feminist ways of thinking about data are worth exploring. Is there such a thing as feminist data, what does a feminist politics of data look like, and what data practices might emerge from a feminist imaginary?

Read more about the project, about its exploratory methodology and its initiator here!


What to expect from this blog

This blog is a companion to the feminist data project. For the time being, it will mainly feature short project updates alongside notes and links to books, articles, other interesting projects and events that inform feminist data in some way. It’s in the nature of exploratory work that future iterations of the project may bring new categories and types of content to this blog too.

No research happens in isolation. In the longer run, I hope the blog will serve as a kind of archive that makes all the reading, listening, thinking and connecting that inspire the project visible. Think of it as a crossover between an annotated bibliography and a living acknowledgement section that expands with the project. At the same time, and given that exploring what feminist work on/with data is already out there forms integral part of the project, some of the work featured here can also already be considered feminist data in and of itself.

Watch this space if you’re curious about the project, or if you’re interested in finding out about publications and and events featuring feminist perspectives on technology, data, algorithms, or research methods and ethics in relation to data.


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This is the companion blog to the feminist data project.
Read more about the role of this blog here and more about the project here


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